Why choose our clinic?

Why choose our clinic?

Thanks to our clinics many diagnostic abilities we are able to offer Your pet fast and competent help. You may bring your pet in for a day and with that time we can get to know him or her from head to tail, inside and outside. Our veterinarians, in addition to having excellent general knowledge, are also specialized in many other areas (gastroenterology, cardiology, hematology, dermatology, soft tissue surgery). The first vet in the Baltic States who started specialising in ophthalmology, is also working in our clinic.

For regular clients there is a 10% discount on all services, which also includes weekends.

Assistants in our clinic are very competent, will direct you to the right doctor and answer your questions both in the clinic and on the phone.

We perform surgical operations in a separate surgical unit using inhalation anaesthesia and monitors that show the medical condition of the animal.  When performing an operation, the surgeon always has one or two assistants who closely observing the condition of Your pet.

The owners of a pet vaccinated in our clinic will receive a reminder e-mail of their pets’ vaccination date being due.

On working days, we are open until 8.00 in the evening so pet owners can come to us even after their workday has ended.

The clinic is also open on Saturday, so that clients who are not able to come on workdays could have their problems solved and questions answered. The main reason that we are open on Saturdays is that our patients, who need fast veterinary help can get it. On weekends there is a 25% extra charge on services.